Sales Grow When the Whizard of Building Materials Speaks at Your Meeting

Mark Mitchell the Whizard of Building Materials Sales and Marketing and Best Selling Author  

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Entertaining - Challenging - Motivating

There is no other speaker who has the knowledge and expertise in building materials to give your team actionable, relevant tools to make them more effective, the next day.

Mark has a very entertaining style as he makes fun of himeslf and many others in order to get his message across. He also challenges your assumptions and beliefs about the building materials industry and how best to sell architects, builders, contractors and others. Your team will be motivated with a new sense of confidence in their ability to succeed.

What Others Say

My team went home with plenty of great ideas they could implement immediately. Your understanding of the issues faced by suppliers and their customers was very obvious. You know your stuff!

Michael Kennaw Vice President: Sales & Marketing Fox Blocks 

I knew there were different approaches to selling each customer segment but you did a great job of focusing in on the key points and giving us a step-by-step process for getting better sales results.

Mark Hinterlong Director of Sales, InterWrap┬« 

Mark is great at "what he does". He offers candid market perspectives, is smart, curious and inspiring. Simply put, Mark is a provocative thought leader. I respect his insight.

Monica Pritchard VP VP, Sales & Marketing at Quality Edge

Book The Whizard Today!

As Mark spends most of his time on research, consulting and training with building materials companies, he is only available to speak at a few events each year. 

The fee for Mark to speak in North America ranges from $7,500 to $12,500 plus travel expenses.

If you'd like to see if Mark is available for your event and discuss the subjects for your audience, contact us below and we will schedule a call.