The Whizard Summit Will Be Live Streamed at a Super Affordable Cost For Your Whole Team

The Whizard Summit live event has been postponed until this fall. And because you can’t come to the Summit, we’re going to bring the Summit to you.  

We are now going to Live Stream the Whizard Summit.

The Live Stream is for You if:

  • You have wanted to attend but couldn't afford the time or travel expense.
  • Have wanted an affordable way to educate more of your team.

Super Affordable $995 Is the Cost for Your Company. Not the Person 

  • Your entire team can tune in at no additional cost
  • We will provide you an hour by hour agenda so the right people can tune in at the right time if they aren't available for the entire Live Stream
  • You can also invite your agencies and creative firms at no additional cost
  • You can send us questions during the event to be answered by our experts
  • We will send you copies of all the presentations for your use or reference in the future


Get individualized market insights, specialized expertise, and actionable strategies from top industry professionals to help you grow sales to Architects, Builders, Contractors, Distributors, Dealers and Big Box Retailers.



The Summit is a thought leadership forum for marketers, salespeople, and top execs to network with peers, share ideas and experiences, and learn from the industry’s best strategists and sales and marketing experts.  


Whizard Summit Speakers
  • ✓ Actionable, clear cut strategies to increase sales and drive results  
  • ✓ Key trends and valuable market insights from top industry experts  
  • ✓ Work on your business in real time as a team

“I got plenty of great ideas I could implement immediately. What I liked most about the workshop was the way the information was presented. And the real world comparisons made it even more understandable. Your understanding of the issues and possible solutions faced by material suppliers and their customers was very obvious. You know your stuff! "  

-Michael Kennaw, Vice President: Sales &Marketing Fox Blocks  


We update the agenda subjects and guest speakers for each summit based on attendee feedback and changes in the industry.  


8:30am - 9:00am MTN


  • How to Get The Most Benefit From The Summit

9:00am - 9:30am

How Residential Building Materials Are Sold

  • New Construction and Remodel/Repair
  • How to Reach and Sell Homebuilders, Distributors, Dealers, Contractors and Big Boxes

9:30am - 1O:0am

How Commercial Building Materials Are Sold

New Construction and Remodel/Repair

How to Reach and Sell Architects, Contractors, Owners, Facility Managers and Distributors  

9:30am - 1O:30am

How to Become a Virtual Sales Rockstar

Prospecting Virtually  

The Virtual Sales Call

10:30am - 1O:45am


10:45am - 11:30am

Why You Need To Be The Online Leader And How To Do It For Less

  • Who is online and how to sell them
  • Three simple website improvements
  • Most effective ways to use email

11:30am - noon

How Your View of Your Customers is Hurting Your Sales

  • A more effective way to view customers  
  • How to talk so that they will listen  

Noon - 1pm LUNCH BREAK

1pm - 1:45 pm

What The Growth of Offsite Construction Means For You

  • How and why offsite is growing
  • How to sell the new offsite customers
  • Offsite lessons that can grow your onsite business

1:45 pm - 2:30pm What's Wrong With Your CRM and How to Fix It

  • The biggest CRM mistakes that companies make  
  • Make your CRM work for you  
  • Get your sales team to love CRM

2:30pm - 2:45pm


2:45pm - 3:30pm How You Are Losing Sales to BIM

  • Why BIM is so important  
  • What most companies get wrong about BIM  
  • How BIM can get you more specs and keep them

3:30pm - 4:15pm Selling the High End Building Customer

  • Who is the High End customer  
  • What they want in a premium product  
  • How to reach and sell them

4:15pm - 5pm Building Materials Sales Online

  • Who is selling your products online  
  • The risks and rewards of online  
  • How to benefit from the growth of online sales


8:30am - 9:15am How Your Website is Costing You Sales

  • What building materials customers want from your website
  • The three biggest website mistakes and how to fix them
  • Turn website visitors into customers

9:15am - 10:00am The Social Media for Building Materials - LinkedIn

  • How architects, builders, contractors, dealers, & distributors are using LinkedIn  
  • Improve the productivity of your sales team  
  • Build stronger customer relationships

10am - 10:15am BREAK  

10:15am - 11:15am Stop Wasting Money on Ads and SEO

  • How content outperforms ads and lowers costs
  • Important subjects most companies ignore
  • Using content to grow your business

11:15am - Noon

New Role of Public Relations in Building Materials

  • Managing a Crisis  
  • New Opportunities to Use Your Content  
  • How to Get More Press Coverage

Noon - 1pm


  • Your Top Three Immediate Actions
  • Your Top Three Longer Term Actions
  • How to Get Support For Your Plans



Some of The Companies Who Have Attended the Whizard Summit 

 ABC Supply – AGS Stainless - Airlite Plastics - Alexandria Moulding - Allura - American Porch – Amvic - Armacost Lighting – Atlas -Barricade - Basalite - Basco - BASF – Belco - Benton Metal Depot - Bestbath - Bradley Corporation - BuildBlock - CBD Marketing - Cameron Ashley - Centennial Woods - ClarkDietrich - Columbia Forest Products - CornellCookson - Creative Mines - Denver Hardwood - Dorken Systems – Dryvit- Dunbarton - DuPont – Easy Arch – Eco-Systems - Elementia - Elmwood Reclaimed Timber – Entekra - Environmental StoneWorks - Excel Dryer - Feeney - Fi-Foil - Fiberon - FlexStone - Fox Blocks - GAF - General Coatings - Grace Construction - Gripset - H B Fuller – Hanley Wood - Hubbardton Forge - Huber Engineered Woods – Hurd Windows - Icynene - Interstate Brick – Interwrap - Isaiah Industries - Kingspan - Kolbe - Louisiana Pacific - Major Industires – Makro - Malarkey Roofing – Masonite – Mega Supply Pro - Metrie - Modern Curved – Mortar Net – Nanawall - Nichiha - Nuform - ODL - Palight Trimboard - Palram - Perfect Shutters - Perma R Products – Plideck - Polyguard - Porcelanosa - Promenaid PROSOCO - Quality Edge - Rmax - Rollex - Rudd - Saniflow - Schluter Systems – Shakertown - Sloan Valve - Smoke Guard - SR Roofing - Stanley Black & Decker - STARC Systems - StructShare - Structureworks - Sunrise Windows – Sustainable Flooring - Tamlyn -Tapco - Tremco - Trim-Tex – TRUEGRID – Tudelu - Uponor – Versatex - Warmup - Weyerhaeuser- Woodfold 


“The Whizard Summit will bring solutions to where you need them. Are you a salesperson looking to increase your sales? Our customer insight and messaging will make you a better salesperson. Are you a marketer having trouble reaching customers? We will show you how to develop programs that speak to your audience’s needs. Are you a senior executive? We can review your company, identify areas that would benefit from improvement and outline missed opportunities to pursue.”